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Premier Basketball League Adds Depth in New Hire to Front Office
posted 08/28/2014

Chicago, IL- The Premier Basketball League (PBL) is proud to announce and welcome the newest member of the league front office. Effective immediately, Dennis Truax will serve the league as the Executive Vice President of Basketball Operations.

A familiar face to many in the basketball world, Truax has one of the most impressive resumes in minor league sports and will be a great addition to the current growth of the PBL. 

Over the past two years Truax was the General Manager and Head Coach for Moncton Miracles in the NBL- Canada. He brought his team to the post-season during both years while coaching the League MVP and the Rookie of the Year.

The PBL is a development league trying to help push players to the next level of their professional careers and Truax has a strong history of that. While in Canada, he sent more players from his team to major overseas contracts than any other team in the league.

He is as excited to join the PBL as the league is to have his success and knowledge of minor league basketball.

“I am excited to become a part of such a prestigious league as the PBL,” said Truax. “This is a league on the cusp of great things and to be able to work with great players, owners and staff is very rewarding. I am excited to get started and make the upcoming season the best in league history.”

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PBL Teams Ready for Draft after Successful Weekend Combine
posted 08/26/2014

Chicago, IL- The Premier Basketball League (PBL) has taken another step closer to the start of the 2014/15 season with a successful league wide combine held this past weekend in Chicago, IL.

The combine, which included over 250 applicants, kicked off bright and early with a first group of players looking to become a piece of history and showcase their skills to owners, general managers and coaches from all 12 teams around the league. This early morning group was comprised of athletes with primarily prep school, lower NCAA, NAIA and some minor league experience.

Select “rookies” were held over to participate in the second group of the combine and showcase their skills against the best professional athletes and NCAA players from across the country. More in-depth drills such as 30-point scoring, 3-on-2 weaves and other drills were performed to help PBL coaches and general managers accurately evaluate player skills.

One of the more impressive stations at the combine involved a special piece of technology, the 94Fifty ball. This is a smart sensor basketball that accurately tracks shot arc, shot speed and backspin of a player’s shot. A simple app was accessible to owners and coaches on their phones so they could track a player’s statistics while using the ball.

“I think the ball was phenomenal. It allows us to evaluate and give instant feed back to every player on their fundamental shooting skills by using real live stats” stated Executive Vice President of Basketball Operations, Dennis Truax.

All activities during the combine were filmed and recorded as part of a television special for the league’s official network, Soul of the South. Included in this Soul of the South television special will be the highlights and personal story of Chicago native Tyrone Johnson. Television cameras will tell the story of his ups and downs leading up to the combine and the outcome of his dream to becoming a part of the big leagues.

Following Saturday’s league combine will be the PBL draft where teams will look to sign the player they believe will help lead them to the 2015 championship series. The three-round draft will be September 8th beginning at 7pm Eastern Time.


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Thank you for your interest in showcasing your skills at this year's PBL combine. Due to the overwhelming number of applications all 300 slots have already been filled. Thank you.

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