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Premier Basketball League Announces New Commissioner
Chicago, IL- Following a unanimous decision from the league’s...
Maximizing An Athletes Potential
Pain, Your Teammate And Training Partner. Pain is an inherent...
Philadelphia Flight Ready for Takeoff in Pennsylvania
Chicago, IL- Based out of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, the Philadelphia...
RazorSharks Sign Former Big Ten Forward David Jackson
Rochester, NY— The Rochester RazorSharks have signed 6’7"...
Get To Know: Joshua Chichester
In this year’s 2014-15 PBL Draft, the player to go first overall...
Premier Basketball League Announces New Commissioner
posted 09/18/2014

Chicago, IL- Following a unanimous decision from the league’s Board of Directors, Dennis Truax will take over the role as commissioner for the Premier Basketball League (PBL), effective immediately. Formerly the Vice President of Basketball Operations for the PBL, Truax has one of the most impressive resumes in minor league sports and the league couldn’t be happier to have him.


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Maximizing An Athletes Potential
posted 09/18/2014

Pain, Your Teammate And Training Partner.

Pain is an inherent and inevitable component of athletic competition. Athletes must work through body aches and pain due to: muscle aches, joint pain, back pain, sprains and strains and arthritis.


Pain Relief Solutions Developed By Professional Athletes.

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There's More Gain When There's Less Pain.

TOAST Screamin' Menthol and Freezin' Cold provide the ability for athletes to return to activities sooner and with less degree of pain.


Work Fast And Provides Long Lasting Pain Relief.

TOAST Screamin' Menthol provides noticeable pain relief in seconds while its kick of capsaicin extends pain relief for hours. Alternatively TOAST Freezin' Cold uses a combination of menthol and methyl salicylate which provide a cold sensation which dulls pain followed by relaxing warmth.


Hospital Tested.

A hospital study on 86 subjects found TOAST Screamin' Menthol to provide Good-to-Outstanding benefits.


Different Types Of Injuries Require Different Types Of Pain Relief.

TOAST Screamin' Menthol uses a unique hybrid approach to pain relief tackling pain 3 ways: creating a numbing effect at the cellular level, increasing blood flow to treated areas and providing a cooling sensation. TOAST Screamin' Menthol is recommended for sports injuries, neuropathic pain and managing hand arthritis; the kick of capsaicin in TOAST Screamin' Menthol extends pain relief for hours.

TOAST Freezin' Cold uses maximum strengths of menthol and methyl salicylate to combat pain. Freezin' Cold works on contact to cool and numb pain at the cellular, increase blood flow to treated areas and then provide relaxing warmth. TOAST Freezin' Cold is recommended for arthritis, simple backache, muscle strains, bruises and cramps.

TOAST Screamin Hot uses a therapeutic dose of capsaicin to deplete substance P a transmitter of the sensation of pain. TOAST Screamin' Hot is effective for temporary pain relief of osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis and diabetic neuropathy.


Getting Used To It.

The therapeutic level of capsaicin in TOAST Screamin' Hot works by decreasing the intensity of pain signals transmitted in the body. Start with a small amount and gradually increase as your tolerance increases. The sooner you get accustomed to TOAST Screamin' Hot, the sooner you will experience maximum pain relief.


Safer Alternative.

When topical analgesic pain relievers are utilized low levels of active ingredients are absorbed through the skin potentially lowering the risks of medication toxicity and drug interaction inherent with some systemic pain relievers.


Targeted Pain Relief.

Doctors and pain management practitioners in particular, have found topical analgesic pain relievers to be an effective alternative to systemic pain relievers such as aspirin, acetaminophen, naproxen and ibuprofen. Topical pain relievers provide directed pain relief. Use of topical analgesics for temporary pain relief, up to four times daily, is recommended as a "front line"  treatment for knee arthritis prior to more expensive and potentially harmful prescription of anti-inflammatory drugs.



Take the TOAST Performance Challenge and test TOAST topical pain relief products against the products that you are currently using.


Money Back Guarantee.

You will be satisfied with the performance of our TOAST products or your money back.

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Philadelphia Flight Ready for Takeoff in Pennsylvania
posted 09/17/2014

Chicago, IL- Based out of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, the Philadelphia Flight will enter the 2015 Premier Basketball League (PBL) season in the East Division.

Kenneth Bishop, founder and owner of the Flight, did the proper research and time to put together the highest quality team possible in order to be competitive and entertaining for an area ready for minor league basketball.

“Our Flight fans can expect a very competitive and entertaining show on the court. We will make sure fans leave amazed by our production on the floor and wanting to return for more,” stated Bishop.

Head coach, Ernest Pearsall, who’s coaching career stems back to his tenure at St. Joseph’s University in Philadelphia, PA, will lead the Flight in their inaugural PBL season. Over the years, Coach Pearsall has put together winning basketball teams and helped grow players into professionals. One of these professionals under Pearsall’s reign was NBA star and current point guard for the Dallas Mavericks, Jameer Nelson.

The Philadelphia Flight also understand and support the PBL mission when it comes to its involvement in the community and the impact their team is expected to have on their local youth.

“We will be opening a summer camp next year called School of Hoops for the youth. This will educate them scholastically as well as in the game of basketball. We will put the student back in the term, “student athlete,”” stated the Flight owner.

The Philadelphia Flight will be joining the PBL’s powerhouse East Division. This means the Flight will be competing against the PBL’s six-time defending championship Rochester RazorSharks as well as the Carolina Pee Dee Vipers who are managed by former NBA player, Sharone Wright, and volunteer assistant coach, Xavier McDaniels.

The Philadelphia Flight are ready for the Pennsylvania showdown with what will likely be a strong rivalry with the Erie Hurricane, also based out of Pennsylvania. The Flight will play their home games at Girard College. Season tickets are currently on sale and include a bonus giveaway. For more information on the Flight and their upcoming inaugural season, go to facebook.com/philaflight1 and show your support.


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RazorSharks Sign Former Big Ten Forward David Jackson
posted 09/16/2014

Rochester, NY— The Rochester RazorSharks have signed 6’7" forward David Jackson, a former Penn State product, for the 2015 Premier Basketball League season. During the past two years, Jackson has played overseas in the Finland and German leagues.

Before his time spent overseas, Jackson played four seasons in the Big Ten Conference for Penn State. During his career at Penn State he averaged 7.2 ppg and 3.9 rpg. He was named "Mr. Defense" and "Most Improved Player" for 2009-10 season. Jackson’s most memorable career game while at Penn State came in a victory over Sacred Heart during his junior year, where he posted a career-best 26 points and 4 assists.  

“David is very skilled and fundamentally sound,” said Robert Spon, head coach of the Rochester RazorSharks. “He can shoot an NBA 3-pointer with ease and has a great basketball IQ.” As Coach Spon would know, he has trained Jackson during the summer for two years.

The Rochester RazorSharks are a professional basketball team based in Rochester, New York. They are the 2014 defending champions of the Premier Basketball League and play their home games at the Blue Cross Arena in downtown Rochester. For more information on the Rochester RazorSharks visit www.RazorsSharks.com or contact the office at 585-232-9190.

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Get To Know: Joshua Chichester
posted 09/10/2014

Joshua played basketball and football for University of Louisville

In this year’s 2014-15 PBL Draft, the player to go first overall was Joshua Chichester of Cincinnati, Ohio. The Grand Rapids Cyclones, one of this year’s new expansion teams, selected the 26-year old Chichester.

The PBL had a chance to sit and learn about this year’s first overall draft pick and some interesting facts about the Cyclones’ newest addition that fans may appreciate to learn about:


PBL: What was it like being the first overall pick of the 2014 PBL Draft?

 JC: Bing drafted #1 overall is truly a blessing and a dream come true. While playing organized sports all my life, one of my main goals was to have the opportunity of being the first picked in any of the two sports that I dedicated my blood, sweat, and tears for (Chichester is also an outstanding football player).


PBL: Are you excited to head to Grand Rapids (MI) and play for the Cyclones?

JC: I am beyond excited to be apart of the Grand Rapids community and to play for the Cyclones. I can’t wait to get started.


PBL: What was your field of study at the University of Louisville (where Chichester played NCAA basketball and football)?

JC: I received my Bachelor’s in Justice Administration.                                  


PBL: Who was your basketball idol growing up?

JC: Growing up my basketball player was Tracy McGrady due to his style of play. Although he didn’t win any championships, he still left his mark in this great game of basketball.


PBL: Who is your favorite NBA team?

JC: Cleveland Cavaliers


PBL: Explain to us your training program.

JC: I have my own workout plan that I’ve been doing for the past year that consists of power and speed lifting and a variety of other quick drills. As a former football player I feel I know the ins and outs about training at a high level to play at a high level.


PBL: Who plays you in a movie about Joshua Chichester?

JC: Will Smith. He’s been my favorite actor since The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air.


PBL: Besides basketball, what is your favorite sport and team?

JC: Football and the Cincinnati Bengals.


PBL: What are your three favorite shows on television right now?

JC: Sports Center, Sons of Anarchy, and The Walking Dead.


PBL: Homer Simpson or Peter Griffin?

JC: Peter Griffin


PBL: Favorite superhero?

JC: Wolverine.


PBL: What is your biggest pet peeve?

JC: Loud chewing of food or gum.


PBL: Something you’d like the fans to know about you?

JC: I’m a pretty good skier.



To follow-up with Mr. Chichester and the Grand Rapids Cyclones, you can visit their website at www.grandrapidscyclones.com or follow them on Facebook at www.facebook.com/GrandRapidsCyclones.

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