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PBL Announces Rookie of the Year 

Josh Chichester, the 2014-15 PBL first overall draft pick was nominated as this year’s Rookie of the Year winner after a superb season with the Grand Rapids Cyclones (2-11).

The University of Louisville graduate and starter, Chichester, scored 211 total points, 18 assists, 18 blocks, 13 steals and had a whopping 112 total rebounds.

Chichester was the second-highest scoring player on the team but was the leader in blocks and rebounds, giving his team second and third scoring opportunities, while minimizing his opponents chances.

Interesting fact about the Rookie of the Year; Josh was a star player on the University of Louisville Cardinals football and basketball team. 

Cyclones owner, Matt Herman, was excited for his star player as well, but wasn't the most surprised when heard the news.

"There was little doubt Josh was going to be an exceptional player for the Cyclones. We expected big things from our first pick and we look forward to hearing big things from in the future."



Jody Hill; Grand Rapids Cyclones


Get to Know 'Sharks Legend; Chris Iversen

The six-time champion Rochester RazorSharks recently celebrated their fifth Premier Basketball League title, but what many people don’t know is that Assistant Coach Chris Iversen has been with the organization for nine of those 10 seasons.
Utilizing his Bachelor’s Degree in Sports Studies and Management from St. John Fisher College in Rochester, New York, he first joined the RazorSharks back in 2005 as the Director of Game Day Operations during their inaugural season. He would then move on as the team Camp Director for children during the off-season and would become the Vice President of Operations in 2006.
While maintaining his operations role with the organization, Iversen would be hired as the assistant coach for the RazorSharks in 2008 and would win his first coaching championship after the defeating the Battle Creek 152-115. Since then, Iversen has won two PBL championships with the RazorSharks, including their most recent sweep over the Lake Michigan Admirals.
We know a lot about Coach Iversen and his skills he brings on the court, but we had a chance to sit down and get to know the man himself.
Resulting in a perfect season, how did this team differ than those in the past?
CI: The personality of the team this year was different from any other team I’ve been around. We haven’t always had the best five on our team, but we have always pride ourselves in having the best 12, and that’s how this team was similar to past teams. Each night it seemed like someone different stepped up, but it is a credit to the organization that we can get talent like that with guys having to sacrifice their minutes and number for the group.
Favorite NBA team growing up?
CI: Growing up and still is the Los Angeles Lakers. My first memory of watching basketball on TV was seeing them play in the finals.
Favorite NBA player growing up?
CI: Magic Johnson and 32 is my favorite number.
Michael Jordan or Lebron James?
CI: Neither. I’ll take Magic or Kobe.
It’s a Saturday night, what are you usually doing?
CI: During the season usually prepping for a game, but in the summer, hopefully I’m just getting off the golf course.
Biggest achievement you’re most proud of?
CI: Probably our championship in 2009 because it was my first as an assistant coach. Also, the game I filled in as head coach in 2013 was a pretty proud moment and that group of guys was dear to me. I honestly and truly get the most pride out of watching our guys have success especially when things we work on in practice translates over to the games.
Scooby Doo or Snoopy?
CI: Scooby Doo
Most embarrassing song on your iPod/iPhone?
CI: Probably a Kelly Clarkson song.
What is your favorite TV show?
CI: ‘Pardon the Interruption’ is something I make an effort to watch everyday, but I’m a big sitcom guy too.
Something special you’re excited to do this upcoming summer?
CI: I always get excited about our golf tournament that we hold at Corning Country Club in Corning, NY every year (Mike McMahon Golf Classic). This marks our 10th year of the tourney, but always a great opportunity to catch up with family and friends that I don’t get to see very often. Other than that I look forward to just being able to catch up with people in general who I don’t get to see much during the season.
Something you’d like to say closing this interview?
CI: It is a true blessing to be able to work with the guys that have come through our organization over the years, whether it’s for a short time or for multiple seasons. They have all helped me grow as a coach and I’ll always be appreciative of them. I genuinely love having the opportunity to play in front of our fans, and it’s a joy to see them at each game and has been a blessing to be able to share our success with them over the years. 
Also, my favorite, “A life is not important except in the impact it has on other lives.” –Jackie Robinson