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The Rochester RazorSharks were able to catch a break after Lake Michigan Admirals star player, Troy Franklin Jr., was ejected just after 16 minutes of play for repeated verbal abuse to the referees. The early departure for Franklin Jr. resulted in a total of only seven points scored, leaving the pressure on the Admirals other star and 2014 PBL Defensive Player of the Year, Courtney Blackmore.

Blackmore leads both teams in post-season scoring after his 34-point performance in Game 1 of the Admirals 97-122 loss at home.

Franklin Jr. will be eligible to play for Game 2.

The Rochester RazorSharks have been reliant on star-playmaker, Jerice Crouch, over the veteran's last eight years with the organization and proved to still be critical to the team's success after posting 10 assists and 14 points. However, the former NBA D-League player and first-year RazorShark, Corey Allmond, proved he can run this team's offense after posting 30 points and shooting 77-percent from three-point territory.

Game 2 in Rochester will be Saturday, March 28th at 1pm ET at the Blue Cross Arena.



A Word From:
Courtney Blackmore; Admirals Prepare for Last Hope

Chicago, IL- After falling short in game one of the 2015 PBL Finals, Lake Michigan Admirals star player and 2014 PBL Defensive Player of the Year, Courtney Blackmore, knows what they need to do in order to win on Saturday and force a game three situation for a chance at the title.


PBL: First off, what's it like for you to be in your first PBL championship finals?

CB: It's a great feeling! Not many people have the opportunity to experience something so special. In my first season with the Admirals we lost our first 10 or 11 games. That was terrible to experience and to be a part of. So it's even more gratifying to me because I know how hard it is to make it here and I actually played a significant role in helping my team turn things around to be successful.


PBL: This was the Admirals first time falling short of reaching 120 points in a single game since February 12th when you fell to the Riverhawks, 98-99. How important is it for the Admirals to hit that 100-point mark in order to get the 'W' in the end?

CB: I believe that defense wins championships. I think we create easier offensive opportunities from exceptional defense. I think it's more important for us to try to hold opponents under 100 rather than making sure we score 100 or more. There are going to be nights when teams struggle offensively but you can always play great defense and be relentless on the glass.  It's hard to win when a team shoots 80% from the field. You can’t expect to win with a defensive effort like that.


PBL: Troy Franklin Jr, who is along side you as the team's scoring leader, was ejected after 16 minutes of play due to foul issues. How much pressure did that add to you to lead the team in a critical game?

CB: I don't believe that it added any more pressure. It just changed my role for the rest of the game. Troy is a very quick guard and a great scorer, so when he was ejected I stepped in and had to be more aggressive offensively to fill that void. 


PBL: On Saturday, you guys will be in a must-win situation in Rochester at the Blue Cross Arena on a nationally broadcasted game on ESPN3 and Soul of the South network. What is your game plan to help the Admirals force a game-three situation? Also, how does the different road environment play as a factor? How will you guys prepare?

CB: I plan to do what I have always done to help get us here and that is whatever that needs to be done to get the W! If I need to play harder on defense, rebound more, be a scorer, be more of a vocal leader, or be more supportive and encouraging. I'm willing to do whatever it takes to help my team win.


PBL: Something you'd like to say to Admiral Nation?

CB: Thank you for all of your support this season! It did not go unnoticed. You are wonderful fans and you are greatly appreciated and needed!


The Lake Michigan Admirals hit the road for game two on Saturday, March 28th at 1pm ET at the Blue Cross Arena. This will be a must-win situation for the Admirals in order to force game three for a chance at the title. Admirals’ fans interested in attending game two can reach out to team owner, Chris Glisson, for more information at (269) 208-3397 or at