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Get To Know:

Kenneth Bishop, Philadelphia Flight owner

Many of us know that the Philadelphia Flight is the most recent expansion organization to join the Premier Basketball League's East Division. However, not many PBL fans know about the Flight's owner, Kenneth Bishop, or why he even started this team. For example, the former high school defensive back and wide receiver attended Indiana University of Pennsylvania where he studied Computer Science. Want to learn more about the young Bishop, besides the fact that he believes he's the best Madden player? We did. So we decided to kick off the month of October with a fun Q&A with him. 

PBL: Who is your favorite favorite Superhero?
KB: Batman
PBL: Who is your favorite villain?
KB: Bane/Joker/Magneto
PBL: What was your inspiration to own a basketball team?
KB: Just being able to give opportunities to athletes and help them further develop their careers.
PBL: Who was you idol growing up?
KB: Never really had an Idol, but my favorite poet is Langston Hughes
PBL: If you could travel anywhere right now, where would you go?
KB: Island of Fiji
PBL: If Batman and Superman were to battle it out, who would win?
KB: Superman
PBL: If you were someone from the movie The Expendables, who would you be?
KB: Jason Statham lol
PBL: It's Sunday afternoon, what are you doing?
KB: Watching football, E-A-G-L-E-S!!!
PBL: Do you have a favorite Food
KB: I would say.....POPEYES Spicy Chicken strips
PBL: Michael Jordan or Lebron James?
KB: Kobe Bryant lol
PBL: What are your expectations for the Flight this year?
KB: To build friendships and rivalries and hopefully bring a PBL championship to Philadelphia.

The PBL season doesn't start until the first week of December, however, teams already are helping push current and former players to the next level of professional basketball.

Odgra Bobo (pictured above during his trip to Ireland with the Admirals), now formerly of the Lake Michigan Admirals, has yet again signed another professional contract in the Iraq League but with a different team. Last year Bobo played for a young Al-Karkh team in the Iraq league
 andhelped pushed his team close to winning the championship. This year, Bobo has signed with Al Nift and is currently with the team in Egypt playing preseason games.

Also, another now former Admiral, Florentino Valencia, is the sixth highest scorer in Ecuador and the second highest scorer on his team. 


The Premier Basketball League has done it again. In honor of keeping with the new "hip" trends and in another attempt to stay involved with our communities, the PBL is now officially on Instagram.

We'll be a part of all the different hashtag funs that people use on Instagram, #WellnessWednesdays, #ThrowbackThursday
s,and all the other ones too. 

This coming #selfiesunday will be jump started by one of our own. Could it be a player? Coach? Or even an owner from around the league?

Follow us on Instagram at OfficialPBL and find out. Lots of great pictures, quotes and other fun stuff witll be available there.