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Head To Head Rivalry Report:

Over the years the Premier Basketball League has had some powerful rivalries, possibly some of the best to reach professional minor league sports. With the newest group of expansion teams; Grand Rapids Cyclones, Racine Storm, Philadelphia Flight and the Danville Riverhawks (formerly the 2014's Chicago Tide), only time can tell which rivalries will become the most exciting. Most rivalries are based off of either location, history or championship battles.

The current in-state rivalries consist of:

"Battle of Pennsylvania"- Erie Hurricane vs. Philadelphia Flight
"It's Pure Michigan"- Lake Michigan Admirals vs. Grand Rapids Cyclones
"Best of The Big Apple"- Buffalo 716ers vs. Rochester RazorSharks

However, the history and competitiveness between last year's Rochester RazorSharks and Indianapolis Diesels could have put these two at the premium level of PBL rivalries. These are two of the oldest teams in the league, dating back to the first year they competed against one another starting in 2012, and last year the RazorSharks topped the Diesels in game three in what was in general a nail-biting series.

So who do you predict will be this year's biggest rivalry? The season kicks off in December.


Many PBL teams have continued to add depth to their rosters in preparation for next season. Below is a list of new young talent to the league consisting primarily of former NCAA competitors or professionals from overseas leagues. 

-Chad Fortenberry (Buffalo 716ers/Mexico)
-Charles Evans (Buffalo 716ers/NCAA)
-Rico Hill (Danville Riverhawks/Overseas)
-Issa Avery (Erie Hurricane/NCAA)

-Zach Moore (Erie Hurricane/NCAA)
-Sean Kinsey (Philadelphia Flight/N/A)
-Tom Wright (Racine Storm/NCAA)
-Reid Koenen (Racine Storm/NCAA)
-Patrick Souter (Racine Storm/NCAA)

-Chris Colvin (Rochester RazorSharks/NCAA)

The 2014 PBL season consisted of a great deal of young talent impacting their teams in only the best way possible. Here are some more of the recently resigned players for the upcoming 2014-15 season.

-Darnell Boswell (Buffalo 716ers)
-Glenroy Carr (Buffalo 716ers)
-Travonta Gatewood (Buffalo 716ers)

-Rasean Thrower (Erie Hurricane)
-Lester Jones (Erie Hurricane)

-Noah Douglas (Indianapolis Diesels)
-Daniel Artest (Indianapolis Diesels)

-Darren Moore (Rochester RazorSharks)