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First Overall Draft Pick- Joshua Chichester

The first overall pick in this year's 2014-15 PBL Draft was 26-year old Joshua Chichester of Cincinnati, Ohio. Someone who is ready to make quite the impressive mark in the professional sports world, we had a chance to sit and learn about this young man and what helped make him who his is.

PBL: Who was your basketball idol growing up?
JC: Growing up my basketball player was Tracy McGrady due to his style of play. Although he didn't win any championships, he still left his mark in this great game of basketball.

PBL: What was your field of study at the University of Louisville?
JC: I received my Bachelor's in Justice Adminstration 

PBL: Now I understand you also played NCAA football there as well. What position did you play?
JC: Wide-Receiver and Tight End.

PBL: Explain to us your training program.
JC: I have my own workout plan that I've been doing for the past year consisting of power and speed lifting as well as a variety of other quick drills. As a former football player I feel I know the ins and outs about training at a high level to play at a high level.

PBL: Besides basketball, what is your favorite sport and team?
JC: Football and the Cincinnati Bengals. 

PBL: Who is your favorite superhero?
JC: Wolverine

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Off-Season Major Re-Signings

Over the past few weeks the majority of the major news around the Premier Basketball League has revolved around the league combine, the draft and expansion teams.

However, some of the best news for PBL fans will be some of the major re-signings last year's championship teams have made in order to help make sure they return. 

Rochester RazorSharks:
-Jerice Crouch
-Ayodele Coker

Indianapolis Diesels
-Daniel Artest (in above photo. Brother of Metta World Peace.)
The results below are a conclusion of the Premier Basketball League's draft that occured Monday, September 8th at 7:00pm Eastern Time. 

Players and their newly respected teams will discuss future considerations regarding training camp, contracts and compensation just like in the NBA.