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The FIFA World Cup is one of the most popular events in sports history and continues to grow in the United States. The United States most recent match against Portugal was watched by 24.7 million viewers across the country, showing the growth of the soccer fan base in our country.

The United States best finish in World Cup history, third place, came back during the first ever FIFA World Cup in 1930. Soccer continues to grow their fan base in the U.S. and has reached the attention of people in the PBL.

Matt Herman, co-owner of the Grand Rapids Cyclones, is one of these people who's attention has been taken over recently by the excitement of the World Cup.

PBL: Other than USA, who are you rooting for?
MH: Simply nobody. Here's why. It's not that I am just so pro-America, which I am of course, but because I cannot stand my girlfriend talking about hot Spanish guys, and if I have to hear about another gorgeous Italian man with long hair I'm going to snap. So literally nobody but the U.S.

PBL: Cristiano Ronaldo, what do you think of him?
MH: You just had to ask about Rinaldo, just had to ask. Before the goal I would have said he's a great guy and very charitable. As a matter of fact that hair style (with the scar design cut into it) is to mirror a scar for someone who's brain surgery he paid for. They (Portugal) don't score that goal, he could have been the greatest guy in the world. However, now I can't stand him.

PBL: Did you ever play soccer, or futbol as they say, growing up?
MH: I played a little as a kid yes.

PBL: What is your opinion on the Luis Suarez biting incident along with his 9 game and 4 month suspension from all soccer activity. 
MH: The criminal defense attorney in me says that Suarez did not bite that guy, he was not there and he's never even been to Brazil. The conservative side would issue a ban for life for biting. A precedent to this would include the Mike Tyson biting incident that left Tyson with a year suspension and $3 million fine. I don't really see the punishment as fitting the crime, however if it helps the U.S. win, I am all for it.

PBL: Okay, I have to ask. Those Pure Michigan commercials with Tim 'Forever the Toolman' Allen that are unbelievably convincing, what do you think of them as someone who currently lives in Michigan?
MH: I can think of nothing more dear to my heart than the Pure Michigan commercials. Simply put, I'm a Michigan transplant, not from Michigan originally. However those commercials have a way of just wrapping me up and kind of embracing what it means to be from Michigan and live in a Pure Michigan life-style. Matter of fact, I can think of nothing more Pure Michigan than sitting on a porch, 80 degrees out, watching the World Cup. It's Pure Michigan baby.

Matt finished the interview stating, "I would like to continue this interview however I have been given permission to leave work early (as he held up the popular 'Please excuse .....from work' that you can click here to see). WE BELIEVE THAT WE WILL WIN!
The Premier Basketball League is giving you a chance to have your talents and skills recognized by former NBA players, team owners, GMs, coaches and other officials around the league.

On August 23rd the PBL will host its summer combine in Chicago, Illinois.

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The Buffalo 716ers are looking to add another level of game-presence to their home games and you the fans get to help them decide it.

The 716ers are letting fans vote and choose what their mascot should be and the character's name. 

Have too many ideas that you would like to submit? Then the good news just gets better. The Erie Hurricane are also hosting a similar contest for fans to help name and pick what their local team's mascot will be.

All you have to do is clickhere to go the Buffalofacebook page to vote andhere for the Hurricane's page to vote.

Both team for their dance teams for the 2014-15 season.

On Sunday, June 22nd, more than 500 people, including the Rochester Razorsharks and their mascot, Finley, came to get some exercise and support a great cause.

The Razorsharks took part in the first annual Teacher's Challenge 5K. Participants could run or walk the event at their own pace, while supporting a great cause. The Teacher's Challenge 5K is to help raise money to provide supplies for local schools so teachers no longer pay for them out of their own pocket.

To read the whole article click here. 


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